07 December 2004

isolation breeds narcissism

You really don't have a choice but to start obsessing over yourself when you lose contact with other humans. Hence, here I am doing something I always said I would never do: writing in a blog. Let's be honest here. I'm not really writing this out of the usual self-indulgence that goes along with the crazy thought that someone out there gives a hoot what your thoughts are on X, Y, and Z. In fact, I really don't expect anyone to read this but Jon. But then again, deep down inside, I hope that someone is reading this. I came to a realization recently that I have one common theme in my life: a desire to create and maintain a connection with others. But it is ironic how so many people in NYC, the most populated city in the U.S., can feel so lonely and isolated.

So yeah, please reach out and touch me. Just kidding.


MisanthropicAnthropoid said...

Well, I don't know that you'll want to "create and maintain a connection" with me, but you sounded like you need someone to say they care. I was doing worse than blogging tonight, I have been randomly clicking through other peoples blogs and reading [snearing at] them. So now you know if oyu disappeared tomorrow, a very bitter person in Chattanooga would possibly care.

Actually, I am curious, why are you feeling isolated?

Elaine said...

It's interesting you say that isolation breeds narcissim, because I created my blog at the end of the past winter quarter, during reading week, one of my more isolated periods of college (two big term papers). So I think you have a point there. That the most populated places are the most lonely is a great paradox. Maybe because so many people are around that you (1) don't know and (2) will never know and (3) have no desire to know you (okay that's probably an exaggeration). Sorry for not being very upbeat!