07 February 2005

A-D-D-I-C-T = 10 points

I just wanted to inform the world that I am officially addicted to playing Scrabble online. I am currently playing 4 games at the same time!!! Plus, I've spent more time on Scrabble this weekend than on any of my reading (but at least my brain is getting some exercise).

The site calls it email Scrabble (2, 3, or 4 players). That means that you take your turns at your leisure, and after you play, the other players are sent an email notifying them of your play and that it's their turn.

My love for words, intellectually stimulating games, and procrastination finally meet at this grand nexus that is the Internet!

If you'd like to play a game w/ me, let me know! Or maybe you have a suggestion for a better Scrabble site. Here's the link for the site I'm playing on: http://thepixiepit.co.uk/scrabble/

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