24 March 2005

i spent time on this so here it is

this is me at this time of the semester

make your own South Park self:


BlandGrey said...

hehe, good to see that someone else wastes their time on the internet. I saw this page too, and was playing with it, but the pic I came up with was so hideous, that I decided not to save it. Very cute Steph

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is that you can tell that you're in grad school and that I work with high school kids if you ever read our blogs one after another. Yours actually has intellectual words that used to be in my vocabulary and were quickly forgotten once I realized that my vocabulary would be wasted on people who hadn't made it through remedial english class yet.
Anyway I hope you're doing well and I'm sorry that we haven't talked ever since like, last year, but I do remember our Chili's nights out so I hope you do too! ;)
Take care hun and write me soon! And check out my blog on xanga : redesign_life
Talk to you soon, Danielle