13 April 2005

Counting down...

...yet avoiding counting down b/c then I am forced to face up to how much I have to do! I'm going to take liberties w/ you, my captive audience, to draw some sympathy here. Here's what I have to do before May 15th:
  • 1 presentation
  • 3 reaction papers
  • 2 final 10-page papers
  • 1 potential re-write of a paper (b/c I really screwed it up)
  • 1 take home final
  • a final exam
  • a 15+ page writing project w/the professor of my research team
  • find some place to hire me for my fieldwork internship next fall
What's funny is that even though I feel like this is a crapload of work, doing it is nowhere near the agony that being in engineering or premed was. Wow, I can't believe that optimism. Anyway, if I make it out of this period alive, hit me up for some partying! Til then, wish me luck!


Elaine said...

Why do you think they give so much work in grad school?!

Steph said...

rumor has it that some grad schools/programs don't have so much work...blah. i guess i wouldn't feel like was getting as much out of it if there wasn't any suffering.

Anonymous said...


i can only speak for cornell, but we have a lot of work in grad school here. the only difference from undergrad is that it is all incredibly easy and the average grade they give out is an A- in most classes. yay for grade inflation!