27 June 2005

Dave Lieberman!

This weekend, Lori, Becky, and I went to see Dave Lieberman (a chef w/ a show, Good Deal w/ Dave Lieberman, on the Food Network) do a demo at the Williams-Sonoma in the Time Warner Building. He made Leek & Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Blueberry Crumble...it was pretty good! Then we met him when he signed our copies of his cookbook, Young & Hungry. Totally legit, no stalking necessary! hahaha.

As yummy as Tasti-D-Lite


Elaine said...

He's pretty cute, plus Jewish, I assume..hmmm. His set looks like a house.

Susannah said...

I LOVE the Food Network and this show is great, since I have trouble finding cost-effective meals to cook. I wish, however, that his show were available to watch during primetime TV hours!

FYI, I have a recent favorite Food Network recipe, for a Spicy Vegetable Wrap. Even the heartiest of carnivores--my boyfriend and I--feel satisfied after this quick and healthy meal:


Armchair Cook said...

Whoa, this is the first picture of Dave where I see it. And by it, I mean a superhot guy.