02 August 2005

celeb sighting!

Best celeb sighting in NYC thus far...Natalie Portman and two strapping young lads (friends?) came in to eat at the restaurant I was at last night! Barbuto, a former garage converted into a chic open-air Italian restaurant in the northernmost part of the West Village, was definitely the perfect place to spent a warm summer night with some friends. Good choice Natalie!
Sorry, Natalie's not in this pic
We were sitting just a table's length away, but unfortunately my chair had its back to them. Jon's cousin sitting across from me noted that Natalie was very animated, and she and her friends were very much people-watchers. Good thing I decided to take a shower that day!

Amazingly, no one approached her for an autograph or anything. It was obvious that she just wanted to have dinner with friends like the rest of us civilians. Natalie's attempt at normalcy didn't last long though as some obnoxious person took a picture of her as she was walking past on the way out of the restaurant. And some random nobody is making a big hoot about her eating dinner on a blog...

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BlandGrey said...

ooh, natalie. I hope she's there when I visit. I'm sure Heather won't mind. Oh yeah, and I read the word of the day, and Zeitgeist is a fantastic word (though I don't think that the definition is quite that simple).