07 December 2005

visit omiru.com

I felt the need to post something...which must mean I'm writing a paper. Anyway, I also wanted to spread the word on Omiru.com, one of the labors of love of my awesome friend Susannah (in addition to searching for Baked Flamin' Hot Cheetos in the Bay Area). Here's a description off the website:
Pronounced "oh-MEE-roo," our name is derived from the Japanese word meaning "to see" and that is just what we hope Omiru.com does for you. We want to serve as your guide through the world of fashion and style so that you can see everything there is out there and make it your own.

Omiru is a style and shopping website dedicated to the concept of real style for real people. Through Style Intelligence Report, a style weblog, Omiru covers fashion trends, runway reports, street style reports, and an assortment of articles aimed at making style accessible to all.

Whether you're a trendspotter or purveyor of practical fashion, the site is fun to check out for tips, commentary, and general style info.

1 comment:

Susannah said...

Well shucks, you made me blush. Not because I write for such a cool website, but because I have such supportive friends!