04 December 2006

Holiday cheer is here!

Last night, my roommate (Abigail) and I were discussing for the 10th time about how much we wish we had a Christmas tree for our cute flat. Then Abigail, being the avid supporter of Craigslist that she is, said, "Hey, why don't we check out Craigslist?" I was skeptical. But lo and behold, there was a posting for a FREE White Pine tree that was posted only 20 minutes prior...the Craiglist gods smiled on us and we were the first to get a hold of the people. All this is excitement is because this is my very first fresh Christmas tree (hey, how many people have fresh Christmas trees in the Philippines?)!!! That fresh pine smell!!! Wow, Pine-Sol suddenly isn't so fresh smelling. Who needs Santa Claus when you have Craig and his own List? Well, here are some pics of the tree (yes it's imperfect, but it was FREE and nature is usually beautifully imperfect anyways). Also, check out the funny snowflake we made and an ornament in the shape of a Christmas tree that I knitted (how meta!). I will post the completed tree once we have it more decorated. Any ideas of cheap and easy to make decorations?

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