08 March 2007

not a winner, but hopefully not a loser

"March 5-11 is National Problem Gambling Awareness Week" - Oh, the irony.

I know it's kind of strange, but I am actually slightly depressed that I did not win the $370 million Mega Millions jackpot. I had spent the whole day fantasizing about all that I would do with the money (which would be half that amount after taxes, but still...). First order of business, pay off my ridiculous student loan debt. Then pay my parents' debt and mortgage, finance my brother's college education, set up money for my parents to have enough money to retire in California.Give more money to family in need. Donate to some worthy causes (the environment, some non-profits to help low-income immigrants, only give to NU for the Asian American studies program or something like that). Finally travel all around the world. Invest enough to be able to retire a millionaire. Oh yeah, probably buy myself a new wardrobe from all those cute little boutiques that I am forever windowshopping from. Hire a personal trainer to kick my ass? Funny thing is that it never occured to me that I would take the "I'm going to quit my job and never live a day in my life!" route. I would still want to go to get my PhD and pursue my academic dreams. Am I crazy??? There are definitely some things that money can't buy.

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Diana said...

Steph! Have you decided on where you'll be going next year?