01 November 2007

Decisions, decisions.

Should I start a completely new blog solely devoted to food? Does anyone care to read about my random musings? I was just reading through my old blog posts and thought, "Damn, I used to write a lot more. And some of it was not half bad." The reason I'm considering starting a food blog is because it is one of the things I am most passionate about. But I'm afraid that if I start a new food blog, then I won't have a space for random musings. More like I won't have the motivation to post them in a separate location.

Then there's the issue of privacy. I'm constantly aware of this issue and torn over how much to put out there on the big, bad Internet. I want to be responsible, but I also like to share thoughts/ideas/experiences as well.

I am also considering a move to WordPress (either w/ the new blog and/or transferring this one). They seem to have a more user-friendly interface and cleaner templates. I also like that they have a build-in statistics widget for data on visitors.

What should I do? Does anyone read this?!?! (Rich, you've mentioned my sporadic blogging more than once...but I'm trying! It helps to know that there are people actually reading). Should I continue to have a space for these random-albeit-scant postings?


Anonymous said...

I say go for it -- but don't stop this blog because you always have some interesting, articulate thought that hadn't occurred to the rest of us. - Sus

Elaine said...

I would definitely value a blog about cheap but GOOD food, but I think you should stick with this blog, too. I think it is admirable to wait until you really feel you have something worth saying to blog, which is what you seem to do.