28 January 2008

Potential laptop crisis

My Dell laptop has been slowly treading in a downward spiral for the last few months. I noticed a while ago that I would have to press down on the power button really hard and for several seconds to turn it on. Then my power supply suddenly died on me (I think that the wires were mangled and snapped from wrapping it around itself). I ordered a replacement from some website that claimed it was an authentic Dell power supply....Well it didn't exactly look like my old one, but it worked. So I have been using the sketchy power supply for the last month. Now, the computer is taking longer and longer to boot, and I'm having to press down so hard that I am getting finger cramps. AND this freaky red light keeps flashing on the battery indicator LED.


Some searching on the google leads me to believe that the battery is dying, but does that mean I can just replace it? Will I have to get a new laptop? Right now I'm freaking out because my external hard drive I ordered should be arriving sometime this week...and I am praying my laptop will hold out until then. I am kicking myself for putting off getting the HD for so long.

Please offer any insight or advice!

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