22 April 2008

More racist baloney.

Well, I guess I was slow on the train over the racist Cubs shirt. The Cubs pulled it, even though it was still a huge seller and probably floating around as a commemorative item. In more racist BS news, my friend pointed me to this article from the Washington Post about some guy who owns a restaurant named Chink's Steaks in the Philadelphia area. 
The restaurant was opened by Samuel Sherman, who was nicknamed "Chink" as a child because of his supposedly slanted, Asian-looking eyes. "Nobody ever called him Sam," said Groh, who started working at the eatery at age 15 and later bought it after Sherman died. "That was his name from the age of 6."

Surprise that White dude doesn't see anything wrong with a restaurant that is basically the equivalent of naming it "N--ger's." YES, it is that bad. The racial slur carries the weight of a history of oppression, so much so that I actually have a friend trying to take the word back. But that's a whole 'nother topic.

For those who want more to be angry about, this is a great blog: http://www.angryasianman.com

Okay, I can't deal with any more stupidity this morning. My blood pressure can't take any more of this (Did you know that research shows a link between perceptions of racism/discrimination and hypertension???). I gotta get back to work. Writing about discrimination. Sigh.

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