29 April 2005

Meet my current BFF, the Samsung ML-1740 laser printer. I've never been more in love with a piece of office equipment, except maybe the Panasonic electric pencil sharpener. Anyway, this godsent printer is amazing for anyone who writes a lot of papers and prints out journal articles. It's super fast and has that lovely, clean print quality that only a laser printer can deliver. For a laser printer, it's a nice, small size that easily fits on my desk esp b/c I have a laptop. On top of that, it was a steal on buy.com w/ a rebate (only through April 30th!) coming out to only $73. Cons: large print jobs fly out of the paper tray, and you have to feed paper one by one for double-sided printing (my fave way to be eco-friendly). Also, it only prints in black and white, but I never print out in color anymore anyway. Another minor con is that the toner refills cost $70 but that lasts for 3000 pages or more. Those freakin HP cartridges used to cost $30 a pop and had to be replaced like every 3 months. Screw that. I'll never go inkjet again.

a grad student's best friend

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