01 June 2005

restroom etiquette

Let's say you run into an acquaintance on the way to or in the restroom (or as i like to say "washroom") at work or school...you start chatting and then both head into your respective stalls...does the conversation just come to an end? do you finish that last thought as you tinkle? what if you finish first, do you say "bye, see ya later!" as your potty-partner is finishing their business? these are my deep thoughts for the day.

gotta love how restrooms are the stage for so many potentially awkward situations!

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Diana said...

A very funny situation! My thoughts on this (because it has happened) are similar to gym etiquette. If the acquaintance takes off the headphones, then its safe to continue to chat, just like if she continues talking to you while walking into the stall. But I don't think there's anything wrong with a protracted silence while stall activities are taking place. It all depends on how comfortable you are with her. I know that my girlfriends in my program chat it up in the bathroom because we're stuck in class for so long! It's the worst though when someone answers their cell while on the crapper. It makes me want to kick down their door and refer them to Miss Manners :) Hope you're doing well, Steph!