10 June 2005


Before I moved to New York, a good friend told me about how she had become obsessed with a kind of ice cream called "Tasti-D-Lite." I kind of laughed at her and said, "Okay...." not understanding how someone could become so fanatic about a frozen dessert. How can someone eat a form of ice cream nearly everyday??? "But it's like no-fat and has practically no calories!" my friend gushed. You may have seen that episode from Seinfeld about the frozen yogurt that everyone goes crazy about b/c it's supposedly no-fat...then a sample of it gets dumped into Giuliani's blood work and it turns out to be ridiculous for your cholesterol. Well, that episode was really about Tasti-D-Lite (affectionately called "Tasti" or TastiD"), and it turns out that New Yorkers are really that insane over the 40 cal, 99% fat free frozen delight. Oh, and really is cholesterol-free.


Given that not a single day goes by that I don't think about having that cold, creamy goodness, I may officially be a New Yorker! My friends from grad school are equally as enamored w/ TastiD, and we seek the nearest location every time we go out. There's so much excitement in discovering a new location or tasting a new flavor! In my enrapturement, I decided to document this love affair in pictures and blogspace. Here are some pictures to attest to this addiction:

cup, cone, or shake???


It doesn't get more NY than this. Sexy.
(btw I'm trying to drink a shake and eat with a spoon at the same time)


Diana said...

It's very Sex and the City of you a la Charlotte and Harry!

Rocky said...


I can identify with your obsession. Personally, I am 100% addicted to Tofutti's vanilla concoction. I wont eat any other dessert. Check out my totally dorky blog some time at www.rockyszone.blogspot.com


Susannah said...

I am SO proud to have introduced you to the world of Tasti-D! (Even if you did think I was weird at the time...hehe.) BTW, I *love* your last picture--it's reminiscent of sophomore year eating adventures. After all, Jerry Seinfeld says a man's favorite meal is cereal because it is eating and drinking at the same time with one hand without looking...