28 February 2007

move over TastiD, Pinkberry is here

TastiD-Lite has just been dethroned as my favorite frozen dessert guilt-free indulgence. After reading this article from the NYTimes about the Pinkberry phenomenon, I HAD to have it. Some might say that comparing Pinkberry is like comparing apples and oranges, but I think of it more like comparing...um, foie gras with liverspread out of a can (sorry to my veggie friends out there). Ok, I still got love for TastiD, especially for the chocolate/peanut butter flavors - Pinkberry only has vanilla and green tea bases - but even I have to admit that TastiD seems strangely unnatural. Excerpted from my Yelp review:
Titillating your taste buds, sour and sweet, in ways never experienced before, Pinkberry is frozen yogurt for foodies. Yogurt perfectly paired with fresh fruit toppings, cereal, or nuts create a harmonic explosion of refreshing flavors and textures. The first bite is curious, but every one thereafter is ecstatic. Upon reaching the last lick of your spoon and facing an empty cup, you feel both sublime gratifcation and yearning for your next tasty tryst. This shizz is not your ordinary soft-serve, it's soft-core gastronomy.
Right now Pinkberry locations are only in LA, NYC, and Las Vegas, but I hear that this frozen yogurt craze is expanding to other chains...so hopefully the tasty, tart goodness will come to your town soon!

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Elaine said...

Yelp is pretty nifty. I think I'm addicted. My one Tast-D experience was kind of under-whelming--the healthiness of it I guess robs the yogurt of sweetness, so I'll keep my eye open for Pinkberry next time I'm in New York.