25 September 2007


AHHHH! You have nooooo idea how HAPPY I am!!! I want to do a little dance!

I just got word that the manuscript for a research study I spent the last three years working on was just accepted for publication in The Journal of Counseling Psychology, which is totally freakin' awesome because it is APA's flagship journal in my field. Ahhh, my first manuscript acceptance to a peer-reviewed journal!!! My research team worked so hard on this, recruiting Chinese immgrant youth, their parents, teachers, and school personnel to participate in focus groups...translating and transcribing the Chinese transcripts... analyzing and reanalyzing the data into themes...writing up the manuscript, getting some very critical feedback that forced us to reconceptualize our findings...but all in all, the hard work paid off! But really, I'm not just happy about this publication as a bragging point or because I get to add an entry to my CV...I'm also excited that this work will now be a part of the Counseling Psychology literature, to be shared and disseminated among the canon of knowledge. We felt like the stories of these youth and the contexts they operate in are so rich yet often unheard, obscured by the general invisibility of low-income Asian immigrants and insidious model minority stereotypes. It is so validating that these issues are being taken seriously in the field.

Well, now that the manuscript was accepted, there's still a bit of the waiting game involved. The journal publishing process is quite long, so the article probably won't come out for another 18 months or so. But this is what will go on my CV:

Yeh, C. J., Kim, A. B., Pituc, S. T., & Atkins, M. (in press). Chinese immigrant youth in flux and out of place: A story of poverty, loss, and resilience. Journal of Counseling Psychology.

Thanks so much to all of you who supported me in the process of this work! ::hugs::


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BernaD*va said...

Congratulations!!! This is so huge! We are so so so proud of you....MISS YOU!!

Elaine said...

Hey Steph, Congrats! Sounds like a big project. Will a copy be available soon?

Hope you're doing well at grad school and finding it compelling.

Steph said...

I will let you all know when it goes to the presses!